Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency

Beacon Information Management

Register Your Beacon and Make the Difference Between Life and Death!

By registering your beacon, you allow search-and-rescue authorities in an emergency to retrieve crucial information about you and your emergency contacts.

Register Your Beacon

The online registration capability is a significant advantage to beacon owners. Beacon owners can update their registration information as often as it changes. And the update is done immediately instead of having to wait to either fax or mail your changes in. It is important to note, however, that your registration is valid for only two years and you are required to re-register the beacon every two years so that we can maintain up-to-date records on your contact information. We will attempt to contact you every two years to confirm this information. Please keep in mind: it is important to contact MMEA MyMCC anytime your contact information changes!



+609 5807 175 (Hotline)
+609 5807 176 (Fax)
mymcc@mmea.gov.my (Email)